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Pet Spay and Neuter

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Pet Spay and NeuterVeterinarians

At Hess Ridge Animal Hospital, we are committed to the well-being of your beloved pets. Spaying and neutering are essential procedures that not only contribute to the control of the pet population but also offer numerous health and behavioral benefits. Our experienced team of veterinarians and staff is dedicated to providing safe and effective spay and neuter services.

What Age to Spay/Neuter At?Heading

Recommended ages of spaying and neutering can vary greatly based upon your pet’s species, breed, expected size, and gender. Our veterinarians will work with you to educate you on when the appropriate time is for your individual pet based on the latest scientific evidence. We can discuss the pros and cons of early vs. late spay/neutering and what fits your pet best.

Why Spaying and Neutering Matters:Heading

  • Population Control: Prevents unplanned litters, reducing the number of pets without a home.
  • Health Benefits: Reduces the risk of certain reproductive cancers and infections.
  • Behavioral Improvement: May help alleviate certain aggressive or territorial behaviors.

Our Spay and Neuter Services:Heading

  • Spaying(Ovariohysterectomy): We offer spaying services for female pets, which involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus.
  • Neutering(Castration): We provide neutering services for male pets, which involve the removal of the testes.
  • Pre-Surgical Consultation: Our veterinarians conduct thorough pre-surgical assessments, including blood work and physical examinations, to ensure your pet is a good candidate for the procedure.
  • Safe Anesthesia: We use the latest anesthesia protocols and monitoring systems to ensure your pet’s safety during the surgery.
  • Post-Operative Care: We provide detailed instructions for post-operative care, including pain management, feeding, and activity restrictions.
  • Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for spay and neuter services to encourage responsible pet ownership.